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User Case Study
Robot implementation

The autonomous sweeper B2 for large scale and heavy duty applications

  • Significant reduction of cleaning costs
  • Available around the clock
  • Auto charging & dumping
Based on world-class sweeping technology from Stolzenberg


Power transmission
Operating modes
Autonomous and manual
Cleaning operation
Up to 6 hours
Sweeping width
140 - 148 cm
Cleaning method
Sweeping and vacuuming
Meters cleaned per hour
5860 m2

Simple, fully digital management.
Directly through the app.


Case study

It takes a great deal
of effort to clean
everything, so
automating the
entire process
makes absolute
sense to us.

Operating bays

  • Electrical sweeper operates side by side with humans, trucks, wheel loaders, and other mobile machinery
  • Our electrical sweeper works also at night and in adverse lighting conditions
  • Autonomous dumping into A7 skip containers according to DIN 30720-1


  • Electrical sweeper operates autonomously in extremely dusty and dangerous environments
  • Picks up coarse and bulky materials (plastic pellets, wood, aluminium)
  • 360° vision enables operation along side overhanging machinery


  • Electrical sweeper works in high shelf areas, open loading zones and areas with frequent obstacles (e.g. pallets)
  • Dynamically route adaption when aisle is blocked e.g. by picker or forklift
  • Sweeps up coarse wood and plastic parts
Advantages of the autonomous sweepers
Advantages of the
autonomous electrical sweepers:

The B2 electrical ride-on sweeper is a pioneering new development in the field of industrial electrical sweeping machines. The advanced technology enables the self-driving electrical sweepers to take on a wide range of cleaning tasks autonomously. The autonomous electrical sweepers operate intelligently without a driver and avoid obstacles, while they sweep various materials from the ground and vacuum them into a container. Even the emptying of the collected material is done independently.
The B2 model can clean up to 5860 m² of floor space every hour. The maximum runtime of the lithium-ion battery is six hours, and it is recharged and ready for use after three hours. This means that two cleaning runs, for a total of 12 hours, can be carried out per day. With this in mind, B1 can clean over 70,000 m² of space in just one day. ENWAY electrical sweepers can be used in production, warehouse, and industrial locations. They move independently and safely between people, vehicles, and other obstacles, and are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
Compared to human operators, the B2 electrical sweeper navigates much more precisely in many situations. The reliable sensors are able to react within a fraction of a second, even in dynamic situations.
The features and advantages of the B2 electrical sweeper summarized are:

  • Fully automatic cleaning operation
  • Automatic emptying of the waste container
  • Intuitive control of all cleaning work
  • No further setup required
  • ENWAY complete service

Specifications of the ENWAY B2 electrical sweepers:

  • Sweeping system: 2 side brushes / 2 counter-rotating roller brushes
  • Sweeping width including brooms: 1480 mm
  • Sweeping performance: 5860 m² / hour (max)
  • Dirt collector volume: 150 liters
  • Autonomy: up to 6 hours / 3 hours charging time / lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions: 215 cm x 139 cm x 185 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 850 kg
  • Max. speed: 4 km / h autonomous, 6 km / h manual
  • Climb grade: 20%
Autonomous floor cleaning with ENWAY cleaning machines
Autonomous floor cleaning
with ENWAY cleaning

With the help of autonomous cleaning machines, work processes can be automated and made more efficient. Companies with large operating areas in particular benefit from their use. The service robots independently undertake time-consuming and physically demanding work. Activities such as sweeping floors need only to be monitored by the cleaning staff. In the meantime, the staff can instead concentrate on areas that cannot be cleaned by a robot.In addition to relieving the cleaning staff, personnel shortages can also be compensated at any time, without hiring additional staff. In addition, cleaning robots always deliver reliable cleaning results with consistently high quality. ENWAY technology is new and yet proven. The autonomous electrical sweepers are already in use in logistics, waste management, and industry. The robots are constantly being improved, and detailed training materials are developed and expanded for new customers. The experienced, 35-strong ENWAY team is able to prepare and implement the use of autonomous machines in many different environments.

How the implementation of the Blitz One ride-on sweeper works
How the implementation of
the B2 electrical sweeper works

Around eight weeks before commissioning, an ENWAY technical employee checks the general conditions in the company. In particular, the requirements for operational cleaning are determined, and questions about cleaning operations, network coverage, disposal, and parking positions are clarified. Then, the 3D mapping of the location takes place.A virtual 3D world of the future work environment is created. With the help of the images recorded in the application area, a high-performance computer generates a precise 3D map of the environment. The first test drives can then be carried out at the virtual location using simulation software. About two weeks before commissioning, B2 begins training on-site. This involves planning the route, defining the parking position, planning the automatic disposal, and finally, determining the performance of the machine in test runs. When using new technologies such as autonomous cleaning, the company’s on-site staff is also important in practice. This is why ENWAY trains the responsible team in the company in which the B2 electrical sweeper is used. In a predefined test area, the employees independently carry out their first cleaning runs. They will also familiarize themselves with the functionality of the machine and the operator app, in which cleaning times and routes can be adjusted. In addition, current and past cleaning runs can be monitored and analyzed here.
B2 recognizes obstacles such as shopping trolleys, forklifts, rear-view mirrors, ramps, and moving objects, and intelligently reacts to avoid them. This ensures that every cleaning trip runs smoothly, and the appropriate cleaning quality is achieved.
Nevertheless, should faults occur, the cleaning machines can be accessed at any time via the web app. In addition, ENWAY can stop the autonomous operation at any time via tele-operation.
Via connection to the cloud and the use of artificial intelligence, B2 collects new experiences on every cleaning trip and shares them within the fleet of cleaning robots. The advantage is that every new sweeper draws on the existing fleet’s entire wealth of experience, and applies this knowledge immediately. In this way, a fleet of B2 cleaning machines can be scaled up quickly and safely.


The project on which this report is based is funded by the State of Berlin as part of the program for the promotion of research, innovations and technologies - Pro FIT - under application number 10163649. The author is responsible for the content of this publication.