Case study
Autonomous Sweeping in the City of Singapore
City of  Singapore
Autonomous Environmental
Service Vehicle Programme
In Singapore, ENWAY is collaborating with Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Sembwaste, Zenith Engineering, and sweeper manufacturer Bucher Municipal on solutions for autonomous street cleaning.
Cleaning area
One North, CleanTech neighboorhoods
Municipal road debris with a high share of organic materials, due to Singapores humid climate.
Cleaning schedule
Weekly cleaning of previously determined cleaning routes.

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Autonomous trial operations in the one north and clean tech park neighborhoods in Singapore.


The project is part of NEA's ongoing efforts to drive innovation and diffusion of technology andimprove the environmental services industry. Autonomous technology for street cleaning can improve productivity in supply operations and optimize road use. The project is supported byThe National Robotics Programme Office under the Autonomous Environmental Service Vehicles for Singapore grant.
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The project on which this report is based is funded by the State of Berlin as part of the program for the promotion of research, innovations and technologies - Pro FIT - under application number 10163649. The author is responsible for the content of this publication.


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