Autonomous Sweepers
in practice

Our autonomous sweepers are operating for years

Since 2017 our autonomous sweepers are operating at customer sites. Geographically our deployments range from Singapore to Scandinavia and cover industrial as well al municipal use cases.

Every day, our autonomous sweepers contribute to cleaner and environmentally friendly sites - so that our customers can operate efficently and safely.
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The five key steps to deploy an autonomous sweeper in practice

Feasibility study
Fullfilment of local regulatory requirements
3D mapping of operating area and definition of cleaning schedule
(Safety-) Training for ground staff
Start of operations

Specification and capabilities

Autonomous software capabilities
Autonomous technology principles
Computing and sensors

Vehicle control through software build for sweepers,  with additional remote human guidance when needed

Manual Operations
remote control center
Tele Operations
Software Autonomy
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an autonomous sweeper with Enway technology be operated without a driver in the cabin?
In which countries / regions are sweepers equipped with you technology available?
Is it possible to retrofit the autonomous technology to existing sweepers?

Simple, fully digital management for driverless sweepers


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