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B2 - Autonomous Sweeping Robot

Made for driverless outdoor and indoor cleaning.
  • Reduction of cleaning costs
  • Available around the clock
  • Auto charging & dumping
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Key Facts

Power transmission
Operating modes
Autonomous (manual also possible)
Up to 6 hours per charge
Cleaning method
Sweeping and vacuuming
Theoretical meters cleaned per hour
5860 m
2199 mm (L) x 1691 mm (W) x 1847 mm (H)
Fully automatic charging station or manual charger
(230 V, 16 A)
B2 sweeping robot: 90'000 € (excl. VAT)
B2 charging station: 9'000 € (excl. VAT)

Rent and full service options are available.

Applies for distribution in Germany, further software / remote operations service charges may apply.
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Case Study - Industrial Foam producer

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Recticel Group
Fully driverless industrial sweeping operations at a leading foam producer.
It takes a great deal
of effort to clean
everything, so
automating the
entire process
makes absolute
sense to us.
Autonomouis sweeper on roadLearn more
City of Singapore
Our technology enables autonomous road sweeper trials in Singapore.
Lidar sensor Learn more
Recitel Group
Fully driverless industrial sweeping operations at a leading foam producer.

Key features

Our technology platform is build for sweepers and municipal service vehicles.
autonomous curb cleaning
High-Precision maneuvers
Centimeter precision navigation allows our vehicles to move safely alongside obstacles such as sidewalks or cars with minimal distance.
route planning sweeper
Driverless operations
We generate motion trajectories based on a combination of rule-based approaches, which allows us to dynamically react to changes in the environment and ensures continuous vehicle operations.
remote control center
Remote operator service
When needed our operations team can provide the driverless vehicles with human guidance and intelligence from a remote comand center.
Digital sweeping route management
Full digital control
Digital selection and control of sweeping schedule and route selection.

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