ENWAY sweeping robots make the cleaning of indoor and outdoor areas easier, safer, more sustainable, and more efficient. The sweeping robots are precisely tailored to the individual requirements of their specific working area. The cleaning solution can be flexibly adapted to changing conditions or increasing requirements, for example, an enlarged robot fleet, or expanded application areas.

The sweeping robots can be used at any time, be it nightly autonomous sweeping of storage areas, or in other off-peak times without disrupting operations. The long operating time and dynamic avoidance of obstacles enable large areas to be cleaned without constant human supervision.

In the event of glass breakage, for example, quick manual cleaning is ensured, and the battery can also be charged by employees or service providers in a few simple steps. ENWAY aims to optimize the collaboration between humans and machines, so that autonomous sweeping robots take over the physically difficult and sometimes dangerous work of the cleaning staff, and make the work more efficient.

The autonomous sweeper B2 cleans up different paper waste
B2 sweeps up different plastic materials and dumps them autonomously


ENWAY customers are supported in all phases of the implementation and operation of the sweeping robots. The provision and support processes are designed to be convenient and fast for customers from different industries with different requirements.
The first step is data recording and 3D map creation. ENWAY employees visit the site and record data to create a 3D map. This map serves as the basis for the autonomous characteristics of the sweepers.

In the second step, the cleaning area and the time schedule are set up, with help from the web interface. An introduction to the web interface helps to monitor and change the cleaning processes at a later time.

Then, the fully-equipped vehicle is delivered to its area of use, with instruction for all relevant employees who use and maintain the vehicle.

Of course, ENWAY customers are not left alone after the vehicles are set up. The cleaning areas and plans can be easily reprogrammed via the web interface. Historical cleaning data and the current vehicle status can be displayed there, too. Employees can also be informed of the current vehicle status via SMS or push notifications. In addition, software updates with new functions are provided on a regular basis. A telephone support line, which is always available, can help with any problems that may arise. ENWAY is the contact person for machines, maintenance, software, and operations at all times. There is a cooperation with the merchant and service network of Stolzenberg, as well as independent service providers. In addition, service technicians and engineers from ENWAY also work in the field directly at the customer’s site. Constant monitoring of machine operations, as well as the possible intervention via teleoperations in the event of problems, ensure the cleaning processes at all times.