B2 Pricing

The Autonomous Industrial Sweeper B2

Price: 79 000 €*

excl. VAT

Usage-based software subscription**
190 - 600 €* / Monat

Inductive charging station (optional)
8000 €*

Includes transport, installation and training of your team

24/7 remote monitoring and vehicle management

30- 70% cost savings on every meter cleaned***

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* = All prices are excl. VAT and are valid for deliveries and installation in Germany only.
** = Our monthly fee includes the software, updates, implementation, service and support, access to the apps, and the remote monitoring of the cleaning runs. This fee depends on the respective use case. For example, a cleaning run of 4 to 5h on 6 days a week sums up to 580 km per month. With a cost of € 0,35 per km cleaned, our monthly fee for this use case would be € 205 and the savings, compared to a manual sweeper, are around 36%.

*** = Actual savings always depend on the respective basic parameters.

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