ENWAY was founded in January 2017 by Bo Chen, Julian Nordt, and Thanuja Ambegoda in Berlin. All three founders have a computer science background and have many years of experience in management and IT consulting, as well as business expertise.

Julian Nordt is one of the founders and managing directors of ENWAY. He is responsible for business development, finance, and strategy. Before founding ENWAY, Julian worked for a leading international management consultancy and for a Swiss digital company (TX Group) for several years. Julian holds a degree in bioinformatics from ETH Zurich.

Bo Chen is one of the founders and managing directors of ENWAY and is now responsible for technology and technical product development. Previously, he completed a master’s degree in computer science in Zurich, and worked for a leading international management consultancy for several years.


The three ENWAY founders lived in Zurich during their studies. The city in Switzerland, which is one of the cleanest in the world, made it clear to them that many other European cities have a lot of catching up to do in this area. The idea arose to make cities and private spaces cleaner and more livable with the help of autonomous machines. One goal is that dangerous and physically strenuous activities must be carried out by machines, and not by human workers.

ENWAY believes in the sustainability of humans collaborating with intelligent machines. One approach is, for example, that street cleaners are supported in their daily work by autonomous machines, making the cleaning of public spaces easier and more efficient. Another application of ENWAY technology is the daily cleaning of large industrial or storage areas by fully autonomous machines.

ENWAY technology can be integrated into various vehicles for both outdoor and indoor use and is specially designed to make machines autonomous. The technology platform from ENWAY is characterized by very precise control of machines weighing in tons, robust navigation indoors and outdoors, and specific path planning. Together, the platform’s security system and operation technology allow very heavy machines to perform with precision.

This, of course, also makes the product extremely interesting for other areas, such as agriculture and construction machinery. Reliability, safety, and usability are features that are equally important for all areas and are therefore the focus of all developments at ENWAY.