Nilfisk sweeper vs.
ENWAY sweeper

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Nilfisk is a supplier of professional cleaning equipment in both industrial, commercial and consumer markets.[1] The company is headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, with sales entities in 45 countries and dealers in more than 100 countries. Nilfisk has manufacturing facilities in various countries. It has approximately 4.844 employees worldwide. The company's core businesses are the supply of industrial and commercial cleaning machines and professional high-pressure cleaning equipment.

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Comparison of ENWAY and
nilfisk sweepers

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5 reasons why ENWAY’s
autonomous sweepers
are the Nilfisk



All ENWAY sweepers are fully autonomous and do not require a driver for cleaning. While most manufacturer also sell manual sweepers, we focus on autonomous cleaning. With different sensors and our ENWAY technology, all of our robots drive completely autonomously.


made for commercial
and industrial

High area performance, blue spot for safe operation in commercial environments. No additional marking necessary in the area of application and there is a wide range of materials that can be swept up and unloaded autonomously.


easy operation
via app

Full operation and configuration via app & desktop - without the need to contact the machine. Monitor cleaning runs and optimize your fleet management easily and safely.


Automatic CHARGING
& unloading

Our inductive charging station enables round-the-clock operation - without having to laboriously plug and unplug the sweeper.


24/7 monitoring

If desired, we can monitor the machines remotely and ensure regular and reliable cleaning operations.