A serial product from ENWAY is the B2 industrial sweeper.

The autonomous sweeper is based on a model TT 1300, which is made in Germany by the manufacturer Stolzenberg. Stolzenberg is a family company that has been in operation for four generations and is more than 125 years old. This machine, a ride-on sweeper with a high discharge, was originally controlled manually by a driver sitting on the machine and steering it. Modified and converted to be controlled electronically, the Stolzenberg ride-on sweeper forms the basis for the ENWAY B2.

The autonomous industrial sweeper B2 from ENWAY cleans up to 5860 m² per hour and can be operated for up to 6 hours on one charge. With two side brushes and an innovative double roller brush system, the vehicle reliably cleans waste from a wide variety of materials, such as stones, bottles, or large amounts of fine dust. The material is collected in a container within the machine and unloaded independently by the sweeper at a specified location. There are special cleaning modes for different environments, such as warehouses, production areas, parking lots, and smaller locations to ensure safe and thorough cleaning at all times. Centimeter precision navigation enables autonomous vehicles to move safely next to obstacles such as sidewalks or cars at a minimal distance. The planning of the sweeper’s course can be adjusted and checked at any time via an online system.

The flexibility and efficiency of the sweeper solutions are ideal for industrial indoor and outdoor areas. The sweepers can be operated at any time: before the start of the shift, overnight, or in parallel with the ongoing system operation.

In the past, ENWAY has operated autonomous sweepers for trial projects on public roads, such as a test deployment on Ludwigsplatz in Darmstadt. In Germany, limited deployments in public places are expected to remain in the near future. In other countries, however, it looks different. ENWAY is currently working with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Veolia Singapore, Wong Fong Engineering Works, Zenith Engineering, and one of the leading sweeper manufacturer Bucher Municipal on an autonomous municipal sweeper. This bigger electric sweeper in the 2m³ class is based on the CityCat 2020EV series from Bucher Municipal, a Swiss company. With ENWAY technology, the machine is converted into a fully autonomous vehicle. The sweeper in the 2m³ class recently received road approval for public trials and its first official Singaporean license plate.

There are other applications of ENWAY technology for mobile machines in heavy industry, metal processing, and the construction industry.