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How does ENWAY's Field Operator App work?

How to choose a cleaning route as well as start and stop the self-driving sweeper immediately via the app.

How to operate ENWAY's Field Operator App

I. Open ENWAY's User App

ENWAY's Field Operator App (or short User App) is a web app that can be run on a desktop or on a mobile device. The app will help you to easily operate your sweeping robots, if you didn't schedule an operation time beforehand, at which time the autonomous sweeper should start by itself. Or also, if you want to send the robot on a cleaning run that is additional to the regular operating times and routes.

You open the app by visiting the login page of the app and filling in you username or email and password or by simply using you google credentials. After logging in, click 'install' on the top right corner to have the application run on you device. You can of course also continue to use the app within a browser.

The login page of ENWAY's user app on a mobile device.

II. Navigation on the User App overview page

Once you are logged into the app, you will find yourself on an overview page. You log out of the app by clicking the top right corner with your initials (1) and then on 'sign out'. The overview page lets you choose the vehicle you want to operate (2), choose one of the cleaning routes that you have saved (3), change the language from the app to German or English (4) and contact our support (5), for example to order spare parts.

After the login you will come to this overview page of the User App.

III. Choosing a sweeping robot (2)

In the upper area of the page (2) you will find all of your available robots, if you have more than one robot. The robot that you plan to start for the cleaning run can be selected in the overview by simply clicking on it.  In order for the sweeper to be displayed as connected, which is marked in green, the robot must be switched on.

IV. Choosing a cleaning route (3)

Clicking 'choose route' on the overview page will bring you to a drop down menu where you can simply choose the cleaning route that you want the sweeping robot to drive. Choose one of your saved cleaning routes from the drop down menu (6) and click 'continue' (7) if you want to proceed with your selection. Clicking 'cancel' (8) will bring you back to the overview page.

All  saved cleaning routes will show up in this drop down menu and can be selected.

V. Starting a cleaning operation

If you chose to 'continue' with a cleaning route, next you will be given the opportunity to start the robot immediately (11) or at a later point in time (12). Above these options you can see the route again, where the autonomous sweeper will be operating (10). If you don't want to continue with this selection, click 'cancel' on the bottom of the page (13).

If you choose to 'start immediately', you will see a button at the sweeping robot start blinking. The app will show an animation to remind you, that any objects within 50 centimeters need to be moved away from the robot before it can be started. Click 'continue' if you are sure that the surrounding of the robot is clear. After this it the app will display an animation that shows you the blinking button at the front of the sweeper, which needs to be pressed to start the sweeper.

Starting a cleaning operation immediately or scheduling the start for later.

VI. Stopping a cleaning operation

If an autonomous sweeper is done with its cleaning run and completed sweeping the full cleaning route, it will return to its base, e.g. the charging station or a container, where it is stored. But you could have reasons to stop a cleaning run before it is finished. For this, you simply open the app and click 'abort' (17) if you want to stop and cancel the cleaning operation or 'pause' (18) if you want to stop and later continue the cleaning run.

To abort or pause a cleaning operation you simply click one of the buttons in the app.

VII. Customer service and spare part request (5)

On the bottom of all pages in the app you can open the customer service and spare part request pop-up. This lets you call our customer service (14) with only three clicks, wherever you are in the app at this point. Also you can easily request services or spare parts (15) by filling out a request mask. You get back to where you were in the app by clicking 'close'.

The customer service and spare part request is reachable on all pages in the app by clicking the three lines on the bottom of the side (5).

Controlling your robot made easy

It is very important for us that our app is easy to use. We want you and all other responsible employees to be able to easily start and stop certain robots and to choose cleaning routes. Should an additional cleaning run be necessary in a certain area, this can be activated with a few clicks.