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How do I start and stop B1?

How to start B1 to begin a cleaning run and how to stop or pause the robot.

How to start and stop B1

I. Open ENWAY's User App

Open ENWAY's Field Operator App (or short User App) on your desktop or on a mobile device by visiting the login page of the app and filling in you username or email and password or by simply using you google credentials.

II. Choose a cleaning route

Click 'choose route' (1) to select from a drop down menu the cleaning route that you want the sweeping robot to drive.

Choose one of your saved cleaning routes from the drop down menu (2) and click 'continue' (3) if you want to proceed with your selection. Clicking 'cancel' (4) will bring you back to the site before.

III. Start the cleaning operation

If you chose to 'continue' with a cleaning route, next you will be given the opportunity to 'start immediately' (5) or to 'schedule start for later' (6). Click 'cancel' (7) if you don't want to continue with this selection.

If you choose to 'start immediately', you will see a button at the sweeping robot start blinking. Please make sure you read the important information shown in the app: First, an animation reminds you, that any objects within 50 centimeters need to be moved away from the robot before it can be started. Click 'continue' if you are sure that the surrounding of the robot is clear. After this it the app will display an animation that shows you the blinking button at the front of the sweeper, which needs to be pressed to start the sweeper.

IV. Activating autonomous cleaning run

Press the blinking 'Power' button at the front oft the sweeping robot to start the machine. Click 'cancel' (8) to stop the starting the robot. Walk away if you want continue to start the cleaning run, as the robot will begin cleaning in the next 5 seconds.

V. Stop or pause the cleaning operation

If an autonomous sweeper is done with its cleaning run and completed sweeping the full cleaning route, it will return to its base. If you want to 'pause' (9) or 'abort' (10) the cleaning operation before its finished, click on the field in the app.