Hako Sweepers vs.
ENWAY Sweepers

Are you Ready to clean autonomously?

Hako GmbH is a manufacturer of street sweeping equipment and ultra-light commercial vehicles, headquartered in Bad Oldesloe, Germany with customers in about sixty countries. The company was founded on 24 December 1948; its name derives from Hans Koch & Sohn. It produces the Multicar line of vehicles. Since the year 2010, Hako is a worldwide leader in outdoor cleaning equipment. (Source: Wikipedia)

With the so-called Scrubmaster, Hako is presenting a prototype in the area of autonomous wet cleaning. If an area is to be cleaned wet, dry cleaning beforehand still makes sence. Already today, our mass-produced sweeping robot B2 can cleanin, charge the battery and discharge swept materials completely autonomously. With this, ENWAY’s sweeping robots can prepare areas for further wet cleaning - whether this is done manually or autonomously.

comparing our sweeper B2 TO THE hako SWEEPERs and learn  ABOUT benefits OF autonomous electric sweepers

You're in good company


Comparison of ENWAY and
Hako sweepers

  • Sells only autonomous products
  • Autonomous charging & dumping
  • Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
  • Products for indoor & outdoor use

  • Hako

  • Manual products too
  • In some models
  • In some models
Sells only autonomous products
Autonomous charging & dumping
Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
Products for indoor & outdoor use
Manual products too
No autonomous charging and unloading of swept materials
Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
Products for indoor & outdoor use
Disclaimer: All information and data were last verified on 14 March 2022. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please get in touch with us.

Five reasons why ENWAY’s autonomous sweepers are a Hako alternative


Autonomous operations

ENWAY's sweeper B2 works completely autonomous and doesn't need a driver for the cleaning, dumping or charging. Many other  manufacturers also produce a manual sweeper, while we completely focus on autonomous cleaning. Different built-in sensors as well as our ENWAY technology help all our robots to clean completely driverless.


cleans commercial and industrial environments

Our machines have a high area performance. For safe operation in commercial environments, they come with a blue spot. There is no additional marking needed in the area of application. The robot cleans a wide range of materials and unloads it autonomously.


easy operation via app

The operation and configuration is possible via app and desktop - no employee needs to be close to the machine for that. You can monitor all cleaning operations and optimize the fleet management also easily and safely through the app.


Automatic CHARGING & unloading

Round-the-clock operations are made possible through an inductive charging station - it reduces the touch points of employees and machine because there is no need to plug in and unplug the sweeper for the charging.


monitoring 24/7

Our Remote Operators monitor the machines remotely and ensure a regular as well as reliable cleaning operation at all time. If in an exceptional situation the robot needs help, our team controls the robot remotely so that it can continue cleaning.