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Gaussian Robot develops intelligent cleaning robots. The company is based in Shanghai, China and Singapore. The Gaussian cleaning robot 'Ecobot Scrubber 75' is a scrubber dryer cleaning robot - a robot that cleans with water ("wet cleaning robot"). Usually, a combination of cleaning methods is necessary to achieve a good cleaning result. This means that autonomous robots are sometimes being used to complement manual cleaning. It also means that areas, where wet cleaning is required, need to be swept before, to remove larger amounts of dry waste materials like dust or garbage.

Additionally, areas usually have to be dry cleaned more often than wet cleaned - just like in private households too. It is quickly swept through a room with a vacuum cleaner, but wet wiping takes more time - also because of the drying time - and is not necessary as often as dry vacuuming. This means that the use of a wet cleaning machine like the Gaussian cleaning robot does not exclude the use of a dry sweeper. ENWAY's B2 can dry clean areas completely autonomously, which can then be wiped wet - whether manually or for example with a Gaussian cleaning robot.

ENWAY sweepers IN COMAPRISON TO THE Gaussian cleaning robot: Find out about Benefits OF autonomous electric sweepers

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Comparison of ENWAY and
Gaussian cleaning robot

Sells only autonomous products
Autonomous charging & dumping
Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
Products for indoor & outdoor use
Manual products too
No autonomous charging and unloading of swept materials
Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
Products for indoor & outdoor use
  • Sells only autonomous products
  • Autonomous charging & dumping
  • Area performance > 5000 m² / hour
  • Products for indoor & outdoor use

  • Gaussian

  • In some models
  • In some models
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We give you 5 reasons why ENWAY’s autonomous sweeper is the alternative for a Gaussian cleaning robot


Autonomous operations

ENWAY's sweepers are fully autonomous and do not need a driver for the cleaning operation. While many other  manufacturers sell manual sweepers too, we focus on autonomous cleaning only. Different sensors as well as our ENWAY technology help all our robots to operate completely driverless.


for commercial and industrial environments

ENWAY's robots have a high area performance. They all have a blue spot for safe operation in commercial environments. In the area of application is no additional marking necessary. The robot sweeps up a wide range of different materials and unloads them autonomously too.


easy operation via the app

ENWAY makes a full operation as well as configuration of the robots possible via app and desktop - without the need to interact directly with the machine. Cleaning runs can be monitored and the fleet management optimized easily and safely.


Automatic unloading und BATTERY CHARGING

With the inductive charging station round-the-clock operation are possible - employees do not have to plug in and unplug the sweeper for the charging.


24/7 monitoring

ENWAY monitors the robots remotely and ensures regular and reliable cleaning operations at any time. In an exceptional situation where the robot cannot get out on its own, ENWAY controls the robot remotely so that it can continue sweeping.