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FoamPartner is a manufacturer, developer, and fabricator of polyurethane foams. Processing the foams causes a lot of dust that settles on the storage areas, aisles, and the production hall. Find out why automating the cleaning process with ENWAY makes absolute sense to FoamPartner.
Cleaning area

20 000 m2
narrow production space on two floors of 10 000 m2 each


Foam parts, foam dust, general production dust

Cleaning schedule

On demand and fixed schedule

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Enway interview

Adrian Schilling

head of production at FoamPartner Switzerland AG

How long has the Blitz One been in use at FoamPartner?

The collaboration with ENWAY in the area of driverless cleaning systems began in July 2020, so we have been using the system for six months now. I think both ENWAY and FoamPartner have been able to benefit from it. That’s why we have also decided to enter into a partnership agreement as part of this collaboration.

What is unique about the situation at your company that favours the use of an autonomous sweeper?

Our production and storage areas are vast due to the size of our products. We manufacture different kinds of foam, which are very large in terms of volume. The unique thing here is not just the volume, but also the considerable amount of dust that is produced in the course of cutting and milling the foam. This dust then settles in the storage areas, aisles and production hall. It takes a great deal of effort to clean everything, so automating the entire process makes absolute sense to us.


The cleaning of buildings was one of the last areas where we hadn’t made use of artificial intelligence or autonomous systems and we now want to close the gap together.

Adrian Schilling

Head of Production bei der FoamPartner Switzerland AG

In your view, what are the biggest advantages of autonomous floor cleaning?

The advantages can be seen in the potential cost savings, of course, coupled with increased availability, as well as in the technology itself. Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things and automation in general are matters that are of interest to us here at FoamPartner. We are already using driverless transport systems at other locations, for example, so why not also use driverless cleaning systems in the interests of taking a sustainable approach to technologisation.

The keyword is sustainability: How important is automation at your company and how do you assess the future of technologies such as artificial intelligence or machine learning?

Here at FoamPartner, we already use autonomous and automated systems in day-to-day operations across the company. Particularly given the times in which we currently find ourselves, I think digitalisation is all the more important. The cleaning of buildings was one of the last areas where we hadn’t made use of artificial intelligence or autonomous systems and we now want to close the gap together with ENWAY.


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