ENWAY develops technology that enables autonomous driving for special vehicles. As a technology provider, the company focuses on software, robotics, and machine learning (ML) as well as artificial intelligence (AI).

ENWAY works with service providers, municipalities, and manufacturers to use the technology in the most optimal way. In cooperation with established vehicle and machine manufacturers, the company is working on new ways to implement highly automated solutions for special vehicles and machines.

Flexible route planning and intelligent obstacle avoidance enable cleaning robots with ENWAY technology to carry out fully autonomous cleaning, even in changing environments. This is made possible by a combination of cameras and laser measuring devices (lidars), with which the cleaning robot recognizes its surroundings and orientates itself. Additional technical equipment or markings in the area of use are not required.

Based on its intelligent algorithms, the vehicle generates trajectories in order to react dynamically to environmental changes and to ensure continuous cleaning processes. When an obstacle is detected, the ENWAY sweeper reacts automatically by slowing down, stopping if necessary, going around the obstacle, or immediately choosing an alternative route. This means that the cleaning robots work safely around people. For this purpose, they were equipped with a multi-level security system.

With an intuitive and user-friendly web interface, operators without programming experience can set up, configure, and operate the robot-cleaning fleet around the clock.

Using the ENWAY Management App, the operator can change the cleaning route or area, monitor the progress of current rounds, and check the performance of previous cleaning runs. In addition, the sweepers can also still be driven manually.

The robot has various sensors: special laser sensors, called lidars, as well as cameras and sensors that measure vehicle movement. These sensors act as eyes and ears for the sweeper. Before the cleaning begins, the vehicle is told which area should be cleaned. Various algorithms then calculate the cleaning routine and ensure that the vehicle behaves safely in all situations. In detail, every ENWAY sweeper is equipped with a camera, 3D lidar, an inertial sensor, a bluespot industrial computer, and 4G or WiFi connection.

In addition, all vehicles can be operated in different modes. There is a fully autonomous mode, in which the sweeping robot is given a previously recorded map with predetermined waypoints, and drives while avoiding obstacles.

The software has been developed so that it can also be installed on larger vehicles. The technical features described are not limited to use in sweepers.