From the battery charging, over the cleaning runs, to the emptying of the hopper: the sweeper B2 works completely autonomously.

ENWAY's autonomous sweeper B2 is based on Stolzenberg's proven cleaning technology and ENWAY's autonomous technology. With the combination of an experiences sweeper manufacturer and the innovative technology, your entire cleaning process can run autonomously. The robot and its workflows are designed that the points of contact between human employees and the autonomous sweeper are reduced to an absolute minimum.

This relieves the employees and leads to a flexibility and efficiency in the area of floor cleaning like never before. Our autonomous sweeper can be used around the clock, indoors and outdoors, and will reduce your overall cleaning costs.


Completely autonomous:
B2 precisely sweeps along edges or walls

No changes are necessary in the area of application, because B2 orientates itself using 3D maps and cleans precisely along the specified routes along walls, shelves, curbs or even stairs, steps or edges. Of course, no-go areas can also be defined which will be avoided by the robot. In this way, static and dynamic obstacles are safely bypassed at all times.

Automatic dumping of the 150 liter hopper of B2

After the cleaning operation, no employees have to help to empty the container that is on board of B2. As soon as the cleaning run is completed, the robot drives to a specified location and automatically dumps all the swept-up materials there. Whether it is a container or a disposal point at ground level depends on the area of application. The robot is programmed to ensure that waste is always disposed of with precision.

automatic battery charging with the inductive charging station

After the hopper has been emptied, the sweeping robot automatically drives to its battery charging station to charge its lithium ion battery there. The battery in the B2 has a maximum run time of 6 hours per battery charge and then has to be charged for 3 hours to be full again. This eliminates another contact point where employees have to take care of the robot.


With an inductive charging station, there is no need to manually plug in and unplug a charging cable at the beginning and the end of the cleaning runs.

The orientation in the deployment area and the sweeping of the cleaning paths is carried out without the presence of personnel. A successful and safe cleaning run is ensured at all times with the monitoring of the robots by an ENWAY Remote Control Officer.

At the end of the cleaning runs, the autonomous sweeper automatically dumps all the collected materials into a specified container or trough and charges its battery automatically.