ENWAY developed the technology platform for high-precision autonomous machines, which allows sweeping robots to independently clean factories or large warehouses. In the field of municipal sweeping technology, ENWAY pursues the approach of supporting street cleaners with the help of autonomous machines. The company was founded in Berlin at the beginning of 2017 and currently has over 30 employees in Berlin and Singapore.

ENWAY is one of the leading providers of high-precision autonomous industrial sweepers. The vehicles react dynamically to changes and obstacles, so a safe and smooth operation is guaranteed at all times. ENWAY vehicles are designed for industrial work and are already in use in large warehouses or production facilities. ENWAY cooperates with established companies and integrates technology for autonomous operation into existing machines.

ENWAY is an active member of the Climate-KIC Accelerator, the largest European CleanTech Accelerator. Climate-KIC supports young companies with a positive climate contribution through a large network of investors, customers, and partners.

In May 2017, ENWAY was awarded the “European Transportation Innovator” prize of the European Union as an innovative startup in the transport sector. The award was presented by Maja Bakra, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Mobility and Transport of the European Union.

As a specialist provider for autonomous service vehicles, ENWAY develops the software and integrates it into vehicles from established manufacturers.